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Dish Wash

Punjab Electronics Dish Wash is a high-performance solution for effortlessly clean and sparkling dishes. Its advanced formula cuts through grease and tough food residues, leaving your dishes spotless and your kitchenware gleaming. The gentle formulation ensures that your hands remain soft and protected during dishwashing.

Dish Wash Features:

  • Grease-Cutting Power: Effectively removes grease and stubborn residues.
  • Sparkling Clean Dishes: Leaves your dishes, glasses, and utensils with a brilliant shine.
  • Gentle on Hands: The mild formula ensures that your hands stay soft and protected.
  • Quick Rinse: Easily rinses off, saving time and water during dishwashing.
  • Long-Lasting Suds: Maintains powerful suds for extended use.

Product Details:

Form Gel
Quality Excellent Quality
Colour Yellow
Dishwashing Method Handwashing
Water Softening Contains Hard Water Softener
Purity 100% Pure
Brand Prime
Antibacterial Properties Kills Bacteria And Germs
Fragrance Lemon
Ph Level 10-12
Cleaning Agents Surfactants, Enzymes, Bleach And Phosphates
Application Home, Restaurants
Usage To Clean Expensive Crockery And Cookware
Features Easy To Maintain, Extra Strength Cleaning, Eco Friendly, Cost Effective Etc
Condition New
Packaging Material Plastic Bottle
Manufacture By Punjab Electronics
Country Of Origin Made In India

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